Municipal sector-plan for leisure boat marinas in Arendal

Arendal Municipality and Port of Arendal have taken the initiative to create a municipal sector-plan for leisure boats.

In accordance with the provisions of the Plan and Building Act (section 27-1, no. 1 and section 20-5, first paragraph), as well as section 6 of the regulation on impact assessments - planning according to the Plan and Building Act, notification is hereby made about the initiation of planning work and announcement of the most central questions in the planning work.

In this connection, a proposal for a planning program has been drawn up, in accordance with the regulations, which clarifies the purpose of the planning work, framework and premises.

The aim of the planning work is to produce an overarching policy for how we will offer leisure boat berths in Arendal for the future, with the aim that an increased proportion of the population will have access to boating along our coast.

Proposals for planning programs can be read or downloaded here. We encourage everyone to provide input, so that we can secure enough small boat marinas in the future as well. Get in touch if you have plans or know of places where you think there are opportunities to plan and construct or facilitate leisure boat marina.

Download: Proposal for planning program (PDF, 1000 kB) (Only available in Norwegian)
Download: Municipal sector-plan for leisure boat marinas in Arendal (PDF, 895 kB) (Only available in Norwegian)