Regulations for municipal marinas in Arendal

Port of Arendal

§ 1 Tenants, users or others who stay on, in or near municipal small boat facilities are obliged to follow these regulations and comply with instructions and instructions from Port of Arendal.

§ 2 There must be general peace and order in the small boat facility and on board moored boats.

§ 3 When traveling by boat to and from the boat berth, you must drive at a slow speed and exercise caution.

§ 4 The tenant must use established environmental and recycling stations. The tenant can use electricity and water where this is available in the facilities or on land in connection with the facilities. The tenant must contribute to reducing the environmental impact from the marina activities to a minimum.

§ 5 The tenant has, after payment has been received by Port of Arendal, the right to moor the boat in a designated place in the facility for a season from 15 April to 15 November.

§ 6 The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the boat is properly moored at all times. It is recommended that boats in places exposed to the weather and wind be moored with rubber dampers/springs.

§ 7 No part of the boat or the boat's equipment must protrude above the floating jetty. Equipment and the like must not be placed on the piers.

§ 8 The tenant is obliged to regularly supervise his own boat in the facility. Especially after special weather or tidal conditions. The tenant is obliged to examine the boat without delay, if such a weather or tide warning has been given.

§ 9 Annual rental price in facilities with outriggers (per width meter measured from center outrigger to center outrigger) is set by Arendal Port Board. Rent for places in tilting facilities and boat moorings is determined separately. The rent must be paid in advance per season. Services that have been made available in the marina appear on the invoice. All services are mandatory and must be payed for by all tenants.

Paid rent is refunded in full upon termination by 30.04. In case of termination between 01 May and 15 June, 50% of the rent paid is refunded. After 15 June, nothing will be refunded.

When booking a berth between 16 August and 30 September, 50% of the season's rent is paid. Orders after 1 October are free of charge for the current season.

§ 10 The tenant gives Port of Arendal the right to limit possible damage to facilities or third-party property by raising, removing, bailing or otherwise securing the tenant's boat and equipment. The tenant is obliged to reimburse all expenses in this connection, and to replace damaged values. The tenant accepts that the boat and equipment can be kept until all incurred expenses have been refunded, and damaged values ​​replaced. The tenant cannot claim compensation for damage to his own boat or equipment as a result of carried out damage limitation or salvage.

§ 11 Port of Arendal has the right to change the boat berths when it is appropriate and practical for the operation of the wharf facility, and can decide whether a boat is too large to be able to stay in a certain place in the facility. Disabled people have priority on specially adapted rental spaces.

§ 12 Rented boat space in a public facility must be used for mooring a boat and it must not be left unused for most of the season. The tenant is therefore obliged to report the berth as available for subletting to Port of Arendal when it is not, or is not planned to be used.

Subletting of berths is permitted for a maximum of one season. Port of Arendal will be helpful in subletting the boat space at the same conditions and prices as an ordinary tenant. The sublessor is obliged, in line with the ordinary tenant, to take the boat space into use.

§ 13 The tenant disposes of and commits to the boat space until written notice is given, or he himself has canceled the space in Havneweb.

§ 14 The tenant loses the space in the facility in the event of non-payment or breach of these regulations.

§ 15 The moorings are rented out on a seasonal basis. The municipal boat facilities are disconnected and closed in the period 15 Nov to 15 Apr. Disconnection and closure are announced in the local press. During this period, tenants are not permitted to have boats lying in the boat facilities unless this has been agreed with Port of Arendal. All loose moorings must be removed by the tenant before disconnection so that these do not lie in the sea, freeze solid or otherwise damage or hinder the facility. Moorings that have not been removed by the tenant can be removed by Port of Arendal without the tenant being entitled to compensation for removed moorings.

Everyone who visits or uses the facility is asked to report errors or deficiencies to Port of Arendal on telephone 975 27 000 or by e-mail